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Our study plan at key stage 3 reflects the demanding content at the newly created GCSE (9-1)

We are open 50 weeks a year so you can see what topics are covered each week.  Within that study plan, there is built-in flexibility to work with individual students in their own area of interest.

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Our study plan at key stage 4 varies slightly compared to the key stage 3 plan.  

We are exam-focused and as such, we spend an extensive amount of time practising exam questions.  Our study plan consists of topics identified in previous maths GCSE as high frequency topics.  You can therefore rest assured that your child is being stretched to achieve their full potential.

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A brief description of the various resources that you can access as part of your revision for an English exam. 


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In the summer 2017, mathematics and English results will be published in the form of number grades (9-1) rather than letter grades (A*-C).  This table enables you to see how the old system compares with the new.  Other subjects such as history, science, geography, modern languages will have number grades from the summer 2018. 


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For record-keeping purpose, a completed registration form is required.  This serves the purpose of safeguarding and means that we have the relevant contact information should we need to contact you urgently for whatever reason.  This information is strictly confidential and protected in line with the data protection act. 


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