The summer holiday season beckons , but not as we know it.

Usually at this time in schools, students will be doing end of year exams and preparing for sports day whilst teachers will be making plans for the year ahead and parents will be looking forward to some time away with their families.  How things have changed in the last 4 months… The dominant thoughts are: what is going to happen in September? Are children going to be safe to return full-time? How will children cope after such a long absence in school?

The Secretary of state for Education confirmed that all year groups will return but with staggered start time,  He also confirmed that parents will be charged should they refuse to send their child to school.  The government has also announced funding for a national tutoring programme where schools will enlist private tutoring companies to help disadvantaged students catch-up – this, of course, is welcome as it recognizes the value that quality tutoring can make to a child.  Given that we already work closely with two schools, this we hopefully put us in a strong position to secure a place in the government-funded national tutoring program.  In anticipation of that, we are planning to offer Saturday and Friday classes in addition to the Tuesday and Wednesday evening classes already on offer. 

Home learning has certainly given parents a feel for what teachers  do in the classroom everyday.  Indeed, people often enquired of teachers: secondary school teachers : “I don’t know how you do it?”  It is admirable that most parents have taken to it like a ‘duck to water.’  To support with that, we provide a range of resources for FREE, so don’t hesitate to contact us – we’ll be delighted to help. 

It is commonly agreed that most students have fallen behind; after all, they have missed more than an entire term of education. That’s why we will continue our online classes throughout the summer holiday to close any gaps that have materialized and to ensure that we are accessible to more students. 

Whatever you plan for the Summer holiday, we hope you have fun and time to rest.  We certainly intend to make the most of the sunshine.