With end of year exams fast approaching, the pressure is starting to mount and anxiety levels rise.  Yet at the same time, social media and the improved weather conditions are irresistible temptation; keeping students from revising.  When I talk to students, it is amazing how many times students say they don’t know how to revise.

My top tips are always:

  1.  Have a revision timetable (www.getrevising.co.uk/planner)
  2.  Have a specific place you revise at home
  3.  Make time to have fun

The problem is that students tend to leave their revision at the last minute rather than revising a little and often.  With a revision timetable, you can manage your efforts and time more effectively and focus on those subjects where you are most in need of help and support. By breaking down your time between subjects, you will find the work load less daunting.

Having a specific place to revise will enforce the discipline of learning.  A quiet place where you can focus without distraction is essential as it helps you to train your brain to work independently for a sustained period of time.   You are also more likely to remember what you learned as your brain will associate that you learn in that space for easily.

Make time to have fun:  whoever said that time flies when you are having fun was spot on.  Making time for the things you enjoy is likely to ease your stress – think of it as a reward for the hours of study you have done.  This will make revising both rewarding and less of a chore.

If you want to create a revision timetable, why don’t you use this freely accessible revision timetable , this Daily Telegraph page also includes more revision tips.